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Daily Devotion – April 3rd

Habakkuk 3 FAITH THAT OVERCOMES THE WORLD Habakkuk no longer wrestles with God’s plans and instead embraces His purposes. His faith leads to triumph in life and provides important lessons we must learn if we are to experience triumphant faith. We must learn that the trials we face are not as much about us as… Read more »

Daily Devotion – April 1st

Habakkuk 2:1-4 When Faith is Taught In chapter 1, Habakkuk’s faith is tested as he wrestles with God’s method of judging His people. In chapter 2, Habakkuk goes to school with God so that his faith can be taught. What lessons does he need to learn? What do we need to learn? First, we need… Read more »

Daily Devotion – March 31st

Habakkuk 1:6-17 When Faith is Tested No one likes the hickory stick or going to the woodshed. Younger generations may not understand those terms, but many know they refer to moments of discipline to correct rebellious behavior. God takes sin seriously and He instructed His people about the certainty of judgment for disobeying His commands…. Read more »