Pregnancy Resource Center

South River Baptist supports this ministry financially and through volunteering.

The Pregnancy Resource Center is committed to serving women by providing compassion, life-affirming support and services in a safe, friendly and non-judgmental environment. We lovingly educate her on positive alternatives to abortion. With the assistance of our center, women in Statesville are choosing life and hope every day!

We share the unconditional healing love of Christ to men and women who are experiencing the impacts of an unintended pregnancy, and to equip them to make healthy and informed choices. We are committed to providing for the long term, comprehensive support to women and their families throughout their pregnancies.

We are also passionate about empowering teens in Iredell County with accurate and responsible truths regarding the costly consequences of sex outside of marriage. We provide practical tools for defusing unhealthy situations and offer ongoing support for singles choosing sexual abstinence until marriage for happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Use this link to see other ministries our local Pregnancy Resource Center can offer