Cancer Companions

Cancer Companions reach out to anyone in treatment, post treatment or their loved ones.

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It’s too easy to see the struggles for anyone living through cancer treatment. Often the emotional struggles of cancer treatment do not rise up until after treatment is complete. Often the focus to complete treatment leaves little room to understand the changes in your life and your body. Many people seek support post treatment.

Cancer can change the life of a caregiver in a deep and profound way. Adjusting to all the changes requires support. Caregivers often find the need to seek support either with their loved one who has cancer or alone. Anyone deeply impacted by the cancer of a loved one are welcome.

Cancer Companions provide emotional support to cancer family members by not only listening and caring but by guiding them through specific topics to help them gain some perspective on their cancer journey. Those topics include faith, questions for God, healing, prayer, stress reduction, relationships, communication and healthy living.