Sunday School

Preschool and Nursery classrooms are located in the Preschool Hallway

Bible Studies for Life by Lifeway:
Babies – Room 117
One Year Olds – Room 119
Two Year Olds – Room 118
Three Year Olds – Room 120

Answers In Genesis (ABC):
Four Year Olds – Room 121: Answers In Genesis (ABC)

Generations of Grace:
Kindergarten – Room 122: Genesis – Numbers, Christmas & Easter
1st Grade: Deuteronomy – End of the Old Testament, Christmas, Easter
2nd Grade: Life of Jesus, Acts, Revelation

Generations of Grace is a biblically based and God-centered Sunday school curriculum. Over a three-year period, this curriculum covers the Old Testament historical books, the life of Christ, and lessons from Acts and Revelation.

Children Desiring God & Answers In Genesis (ABC):
3rd Grade: In the Beginning…Jesus – A Chronological Study for Children of Redemptive History
4th Grade: Answers In Genesis (ABC)
5th Grade: How Majestic is Your Name – A Study for Children on the Names and Character of God

Children Desiring God focuses on the magnificent character of God. Showing children the greatness of God gives them a basis to respond to Him. This material presents a great God who is worthy to be admired and imitated.

Answers Bible Curriculum is a chronological Sunday school curriculum that covers the entire Bible every four years. It answers key questions that confront the adults and children in your church, and it provides a powerful overview of God’s Word. All ages are equipped with “faith proofs” to defend the Bible and to honor Christ as they apply Scripture.