Daily Devotion – April 1st

Habakkuk 2:1-4

When Faith is Taught

In chapter 1, Habakkuk’s faith is tested as he wrestles with God’s method of judging His people. In chapter 2, Habakkuk goes to school with God so that his faith can be taught. What lessons does he need to learn? What do we need to learn?

First, we need to be in the proper position to see what God has to say (1). The prophet mounts the watchtower for God’s message to share. Those on the watchtower had a serious responsibility to ensure the protection of the city. Pastors should realize that God reveals the best way to protect His people. As the prophet patiently waits for God’s Word, he must possess a teachable spirit embracing correction if necessary.

Second, God’s Word will be clear and critical to share (2). God’s message is plain and straightforward to hear and to heed. It is amazing how many are willing to listen to the latest government mandate but unwilling to listen to God’s Word.

Third, God’s Word will not return void (3). Habakkuk is instructed that God’s Word has an appointed time for fulfillment. We must patiently wait for God to fulfill His Word. God details how He will judge the ruthless Chaldean army. This prophetic word will be fulfilled when God judges the Babylonian world system in the final days. One might think we are near to entering that time now. The book of Revelation shows how God finally judges the puffed-up Babylonian world system.

Fourth, God’s revelation provides a contrast between two groups of people (4). Either you are a humble individual who trusts in God or a proud individual who trusts in yourself. The Chaldeans were examples of those puffed up with pride and twisted on the inside (crooked or “not upright”). In contrast, humble individuals are made righteous because they live by faith. God’s declares the believing sinner righteous. God will preserve the repentant sinner but will destroy the proud unrepentance sinner. Do I know which group I am part of?

We must be taught to watch and wait. Faith does not look for the seen things, but the unseen things. Faith must learn to wait and believe that God will do what He says. Faith must rest in God by trusting in His nature even when the events suggest otherwise.

God promises to be a refuge for the one who trusts in Him. God declares judgment upon the sins of the wicked world exemplified by the proud Chaldeans. Tomorrow we will be instructed on behaviors deserving of God’s judgment (2:5-20). But today we are instructed to live by faith in the Lord.

Pastor Chris Thompson