Daily Devotion – April 3rd

Habakkuk 3


Habakkuk no longer wrestles with God’s plans and instead embraces His purposes. His faith leads to triumph in life and provides important lessons we must learn if we are to experience triumphant faith.

We must learn that the trials we face are not as much about us as they are about God and His glory. Sadly, our perspective asks how things affect us more so than what is the Sovereign Lord seeking to accomplish. Habakkuk finds victory in the plans of God (1-2). Habakkuk internalizes God’s truth and accepts that God will do as He pleases. Habakkuk chooses to move forward in faith. God told Habakkuk that He was working in the world (1:5) and has shown he would not die (1:12). The key to living is faith (2:4). Habakkuk affirms that God’s judgment of sinners is a fearful thing. Recognizing what God was about to do, Habakkuk cries for mercy amid God’s impending judgment.

Victorious faith remembers God’s power (3-15). Habakkuk reviews the history of God’s people, the nation Israel. Habakkuk provides a short history of what we find when we read God’s Word. God demonstrated His character, power, and wrath from the sending of plagues (v5) to the giving of the law (v3-4). God displayed His power in the conquest of the Promised Land (6-7). God led His people in victory (8-15). All these sections demonstrate how God intervened with His power at critical moments to deliver His people and ensure their salvation. The note of victory in verse 13 is critical! When you know that God has worked in the past you can trust Him as He works in the present and in the future.

Victorious faith rests God’s purposes (16-19). This is one of the greatest biblical confessions of faith. When everything around me fails – the fields, the vineyards, the flocks, and the herds, can I still rejoice in God? Habakkuk rests in the Lord (16). Though facing the frightening reality of an impending invasion, Habakkuk proclaims his faith and trust in God. Habakkuk rejoices in the Lord (17-18). Habakkuk knew about the utter destruction that Jerusalem would experience yet he chooses to rejoice in the Lord. Habakkuk will rely on the Lord (19). During distressing times, God’s true children still rejoice in Him. He will be our strength, our security, and our salvation. The Lord strengthens His people for trials and through trials. Habakkuk proclaims his strength and surefootedness in the face of distressing times.

We find ourselves in a time of crisis, but our God has not changed. We must look to Him and embrace His plans, remember His power, and rest in His purposes. Then our faith will be triumphant!

Pastor Chris Thompson