Make It Last – 2 Chronicles 3

MARCH 27, 2020

2 Chronicles 3

Make it Last!

Have you noticed that everything we build collapses at some point in time? Our greatest building projects never stand the test of time. Wrecking cranes and demolition teams destroy one building to replace it with another. Businesses built over a lifetime suddenly shut their doors for good. Even ministries are not immune from the possibility of ceasing operation. It is quite possible that our labors of life have at times been in vain.

When we live a life that matters, we pray for God to do something different. We pray that our labor of life has some significance and permanency. We should want it to last. Since we are called to do a great work for God, how do we ensure that our labor stands the test of time and impacts eternity?

When Solomon built the Temple, Hiram worked with him in fashioning the pillars and capitals as you entered the house of worship. Two mammoth pillars were at the entrance of the court and had names placed on them. They were named Jachin and Boaz – meaning let it be established and in it is strength. As worshippers entered the temple, they were encountered by two masses of stone and more importantly two important questions. Is my life established and is their strength in what I do? This is what we should want in our work and lives – a desire to build in such a way that our life and labor is established firmly and possesses strength.

When we do God’s work in God’s way for God’s glory, our efforts will not be in vain. There will be a permanency to our efforts that last for eternity. The Bible reveals two things that endure forever. The Word of God and the souls of men. For our work to have permanency, then we need to see how what I am doing is bringing the Word of God to a lost soul in my area of operations. That is how our life’s labors can have lasting significance.

The factory worker on the assembly line is not just building a widget, he seeks to build a disciple of Christ in his coworker. The mom that nurtures her toddler and small child sees them as tiny building projects that will worship something in life – either God, an idol, or themselves. Students realize they are pursuing an education at school to gain meaningful employment at some point. But that employment will be truly meaningful if we bring the salt and light of God’s truth into the workplace and see it change a coworker or customer for eternity.

Am I building something of permanence? Am I sowing God’s Word in the hearts of those around me?

My life matters when it not wasted on empty pursuit but instead doing things with lasting significance.

Pastor Chris Thompson