Make It Happen – Daniel 9:1-19

MARCH 26, 2020

Make it Happen!

Daniel 9:1-19

It was a difficult time and period of dark days for the prophet Daniel and God’s people. They were living in exile among an idolatrous nation. Their lives had been turned upside down as God judged His people because of their rebellion, idolatry, and immorality. Judgment always begins with God’s people, or God’s household, and then the rest of the world.

Daniel sought the Lord after reading God’s Word. He discovered truth in Jeremiah’s prophesy that God judgment would last 70 years. Realizing God is merciful and true to His word, Daniel sought the face of the Lord and asked for a spirit of repentance to sweep across His people. That is an important prayer for us to offer up to the Lord for ourselves and our nation!

If we want to see our nation made great again, it will take more than $2 trillion dollars printed by the government. It will take more than anything the government can throw at the problem. The way our nation experiences a turnaround is to seek the favor of God and for His face to shine upon us. We are going to need repentant hearts and a return to His righteousness (See Psalm 33:12 and Proverbs 14:34).

God always has a few individuals, a remnant, that seeks Him and surrenders to His plans for their lives.

Noah had God’s favor. He did something so crazy that no one believed him, and they all perished.

Esther had God’s favor. She broke a cultural taboo in order to preserve God’s people.

Daniel had God’s favor and the Lord protected Him and made him an influential leader in a pagan society.

We must pray that our churches acknowledge our complete dependence upon God and not the government and cry out to Him to transform our lives and this nation. Every major movement of God has started with a few weak individuals who have been transformed by the gospel that are desperate for God to do something significant.

Does that define you today? My life will matter when I pray realizing that the Omnipotent God works through our impotence. Prayer changes things and it can change our nation. Daniel’s prayer included the one key element we need in our prayers for America – repentance (Daniel 9:13).

Will we cry out for God to do something in our families during this time when life has slowed down and we reassess our priorities?

Will we weep for God to stir the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Christ who have been caught up in worldly pursuits?

Will we cry for God to radically change our heart so that we are salt and light in the workplace when we return to work?

Will we fast and pray for God’s spirit to move on our city and county and bring in a great revival?

God do something great in these days for your glory!

Pastor Chris Thompson