Living for Something Glorious – Matthew 6:33

MARCH 25, 2020

Living for something glorious!

Matthew 6:33

Kingdoms are crashing all around the globe. Little fiefdoms ruled by kings and queens have been usurped by a microbial virus. Little kingdoms that we built have been overthrown in short order by a silent tiny invader. What are those kingdoms?

Our kingdoms are those areas of life that have consumed our time and our energies. We have sought satisfaction in them and bragged about them. In our world, everyone is building their own little fiefdom. They want to be masters of their world. We want to issue decrees and edicts with little regard for what God desires. These kingdoms have been rivals to God’s greater kingdom.  And now they are gone.

God’s work is more glorious than man’s futile attempts at doing something great and noble. And God invites us to put down our scepters and become part of His kingdom. To begin living each day with a new passion and pursuit – to seek first His kingdom and the righteousness that goes along with it. What does that mean?

We should attempt things that demand a supernatural explanation! We should be asking the Lord to show us how to expand His kingdom in our areas of influence. Our energies and efforts should be diverted to spreading the gospel and flooding the world around us with God’s goodness and grace. God’s work for our lives will be glorious because He is involved in it.

If we are praying for God to reveal His work for us to do, then it should be something beyond our ability. It should be something that requires faith. It should be somethings that is beyond our reach. It should be something that others can see and inquire as to how we could have accomplished that work. And our children should be inspired by our efforts to join us in the pursuit of God’s kingdom.

Am I living for something glorious for the King of the earth?

Have I surrendered my scepter to His reign and rule in my life?

How can I build His kingdom in my home? In our neighborhood? At my workplace?

Pastor Chris Thompson