Make It Known – 1 Corinthians 15:50-58

MARCH 24, 2020

Make It Known

1 Corinthians 15:50-58

There is a great transformation coming. Not just in our nation with a reset because of the virus, but in the lives of believers. One day, we are going to experience victory over death and should celebrate that every day. God assures us of that victory because Jesus Christ has defeated sin, death, and the grave. So how then should we live?

God has a work for us to do until we breath our final breath. The question is are we looking for His work for us or are we consumed with our own work and agendas. Men wrestle with how to make the most out of their life. Now, with our work abruptly halted because of the virus, we should pause and reflect on our vocational priorities. Too many are seeking for meaning and purpose outside of the divine creator’s intention. We must ask ourselves each new day, Lord what is the work you have for me to do today?

We know that His work is redemptive. He seeks to bring a world who is hostile to and alienated from Him back to Himself. Since Adam’s rebellion, God has been working to accomplish His plan of salvation. His plan is written on the pages of the Sacred Book and in the history books. And we play a part in that plan!

When God first put man in the garden, He gave him instructions to take care of His creation, to work the ground and bring the good out of it. Whatever we find our hands doing, we are to do it unto the Lord. There is good woven into the fabric of creation that our Lord wants us to work out from it and bring forth. That work involves raising our children and preparing them for life. That work involves reaching our neighbors for Christ. We must look for the good that we can bring forth in our daily work even when things aren’t so good. And the best work is bringing others to a knowledge of the truth of our Lord. God has drawn your boundaries and you live at this time so that you will reach for God and lead others to reach for Him.

Could God have a purpose for me?

Could God have a work for me to do in my office or factory? In my neighborhood?

Have I yielded my life to seek His desire? Do I want purpose and divine pleasure in life?

Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established. When I pray and ask God to show me His work – it will have His gospel at the heart of it and will seek a heart with which to share the gospel.

God, how can I spread the gospel and join in Your work even when a lot of work has slowed down around us?

Pastor Chris Thompson