Living a Life that Matters – Psalm 90

MARCH 23, 2020

Living a Life that Matters

Psalm 90

This is a psalm written by Moses. The context is critical. When God led His people out of the bondage of Egypt, He brought them to the edge of the Promised Land. Before them stood a land of opportunity and promise. The question was whether they would go forward by faith. Numbers 13 and 14 reveal their lack of faith and the resulting judgment upon them for 40 years. A faithless generation would not experience God’s promises. It would be reserved for their children after them. As they walked in the wilderness for 40 years, God inspired Moses to write this song.

Moses contrasts the eternity of God and frailty of man. Moses reveals the brevity of life in comparison to the everlasting nature of our God (1-6). This is the case because of sin. We have no excuse before God (v 8) and await His judgment (v 9). We need to be aware that we only get so many days to live (v10 -12) so make them count. Number your days and live them in the fear of the Lord.

God is merciful and compassionate (13-15). Though our days are limited, we can still enjoy them and make the most of them. We do so by praying a prayer found at the conclusion of the song (16-17).

God, reveal your work for me today. Make it known! (16a)

God, whatever you ask me to do, make it glorious so my kids will get excited about you. Make it glorious (16b).

God, whatever you ask me to do, let your favor be upon me to accomplish it. Make it happen! (17a)

God, whatever I accomplish today for your glory by your favor, establish it. Make it last (17b)

Reflecting on the brevity of life and keeping a proper perspective of God’s eternity before us, we can all choose to pray and to live lives that matter.

Pastor Chris Thompson