Daily Devotion – April 29th


Matthew 6:13

How do we finish our prayer time? Jesus teaches a final principle in his instructive prayer. This element will provide confidence in our prayers and enable us to say amen. This principle invites us not to wonder whether our requests will come true. Instead of doubting what God will do, we conclude with a moment of rejoicing about God’s ability to provide, pardon, guide, and deliver us.

Our prayers begin and end with praise for our Father who works in His children’s lives to accomplish His will, to establish His reign, and to mature our faith. Believers close their prayers with a doxology, a time of praising and worshipping God. Why magnify His name?

We ascribe glory to God because of His nature. He is faithful and all-powerful. He is in control and good. Additionally, we know God is true and faithful to His promises. This is the basis for our confidence when we pray. He answers because of who He is and not who we are. Learn to back up your prayers with God’s attributes.

We rejoice in His sovereignty. Because God is over and above all things, His will is what happens. He has chosen to work through our prayers. When it seems like the world is going crazy, remember God has the situation in control! All things, even evil things, are working out according to His plan. Therefore, pray acknowledging His supremacy.

Next, rejoice He has the power to control all things and do whatever He desires. We serve a God of infinite power! He can do anything He pleases to do because He is the Almighty. We ask believing He is able. We also rejoice because God is working all things together for His glory. Do we realize that His name is at stake? He is faithful to keep His promises. He cares for His children. Remember that not only does our Father have the authority and the ability to answer our prayers, but He does so to magnify His name and not ours.

This great Model Prayer closes with the word “Amen.” What does “Amen” mean? A lot of us say it, but we never stop to think about how we use it. It means “Let it be true.” It also means, “Yes.” Let us pray rejoicing that He can answer and choosing to believe that it is true! Amen.

Pastor Chris Thompson