Daily Devotion – April 24th


Matthew 6:12

American household debt levels are at an all time high. Our time in the prayer closet is not spent there to address our debts in an economical sense but in a spiritual sense. It makes sense that people who need release from their debt would pray to the God who gives. But one type of giving that we desperately need is forgiving. Jesus says we should pray for it.

Everyone who is part of God’s kingdom acknowledges they are broke and broken (Matt. 5:3-4). Because of sin we are spiritually bankrupt and in bondage. Sin has also affected our relationships with others as we have been offended and are offenders in a spiritual sense. As we ask God to supply for our physical needs, we realize our need for Him to provide for our spiritual need of forgiveness. We move from asking for provisions to asking for a pardon.

As broken members of his kingdom we also are those who mourn over the effects of sin in our own life and in the world. We hunger and thirst for righteousness because we realize how unrighteous we are. We desire to be peacemakers because sin has caused so many wars in relationships. We desire purity of heart because we have had impure desires. We understand we need to be salt and light because of the darkness and decay in the world due to sin. So, we ask for God to forgive us.

We also ask God to help us forgive others! After we have confessed our sins and dealt with our sin debt, we ask God to help us cancel the sin debt of others. We offer a prayer for God to extend forgiveness to the same degree that I extend forgiveness to others. Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy. If we expect the Lord to forgive us, then we must be quick to forgive those who have wronged us. If I refuse to forgive my brethren, then I should not expect the Lord to forgive me. When we have been wronged and hurt by others, we are to carry that need before the Lord, leave it with Him and forgive the offending party (Rom. 12:19).

A great theologian once said A praying man will stop sinning. A sinning man will stop praying. Our Father wants us to deal with our sin debt and live free because of His grace. Talk with Him about it today!

Pastor Chris Thompson