Daily Devotion – April 15th


Matthew 6:9

If prayer is simply talking to God, why are we so restless at times doing it? There is no need wringing our hands or making excuses why we can’t pray. There should be no hesitation to pray. Our restlessness is a sign that we are not resting in who He is and what He has done for us. The first phrase of the model prayer Jesus gave His disciples highlights wonderful truths that guard our hearts and minds as we sit in the closet and talk with the Heavenly Father.

Maybe you are nervous about voicing a prayer to God Almighty. Think about it. Little insignificant you and me talking to the incredible, incomprehensible, infinite Sovereign God of all Creation. No biggie right! Our understanding of who we are talking to in prayer though greatly affects whether we pray and what we pray. Though we are talking with the amazing and awe-inspiring God who rules everything around us, He has revealed Himself to us as Father. The opening to our time of prayer emphasizes a special identity we have and community we belong to as the children of God.

Consider this first phrase – Our Father in Heaven. The term “our” highlights that believers in Jesus Christ belong to a new community of individuals. We are not alone in our spiritual journey. First Peter 2:9 reminds us we belong to a new nation and a new priesthood, but even more importantly, to a new family. We are part of a community of individuals with a common Savior and a common Father. The use of “our” instead of “my” really shatters our modern ego-centric worldviews. Our journey of faith is bigger than ourselves and our prayer life addresses more than just our needs. We pray for the needs of our family at home and our family at church. It is critical to realize that we belong to a new family.

The common relationship we enjoy as the family of God is vital to praying. Our brothers and sisters need our prayers and we need their prayers. Especially in times such as these. Simply pray for God to meet His family’s needs with whatever form of grace is needed for each situation. God doesn’t have any empty shelves in His storehouse of grace.

Tomorrow we consider the new relationship we have with our Heavenly Father. But today, rest knowing we belong to a community of believers called the family of God. We are not alone in our spiritual journey. We pray for one another and rest knowing others are interceding for us. Give thanks in the prayer closet knowing you belong to a wonderful group of believers with a common identity as the children of God. Then pray for those family members that God lays on your heart.

Pastor Chris Thompson