Feeding 5,000

On November 23rd, our desire is to see God do the impossible. At various locations throughout Statesville and Iredell County, and in Wilkesboro and War, WV, people will gather to hear how God still can do the impossible. At 11:00 am, we will hold simultaneous worship services where people are invited to discover that God alone can satisfy the hunger in their life.

We are raising funds to purchase 1,000 frozen turkeys and food-boxes to distribute to those in attendance. Each box feeds a family of five. A monetary gift of $25 purchases a food box and turkey.

Each Thanksgiving Food Box will contain:

1 large box of instant mashed potatoes                     1 can of evaporated milk

1 large can of sweet potatoes                                      2 boxes of stuffing

1 large can of green beans                                           2 cans of corn

1 package of Ready-Mix Brownies                           1 large package of pudding

1 large canister of Presweetened Lemonade            1 package of Brown-n-serve rolls

1 roll of aluminum foil


Pray that God will supply as He did on a mountain in Israel with a young lad’s offering.

Those in attendance experienced a great miracle that day when Jesus satisfied their hunger. We believe it can happen again and want individuals to discover God can fill their emptiness.

You can support this effort by sending a check to South River Baptist Church at 2659 S. Chipley Ford Rd., Statesville, NC 28625 or donating at this link > Feed5K

If you would like to join us in this effort, then email us at info@southriverbaptist.com for more information on how you can join us witnessing God do the impossible!