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Daily Devotion – April 7th

Matthew 1:18-25 THE BANNER OF HIS PRESENCE Home alone. Not exactly in a time of national lockdown. Families are together more than they ever were. But for some, they are home alone because their company is closed. Home alone because some dare not visit in such times. Alone because we are avoiding large gatherings. Some… Read more »

Daily Devotion – April 6th

Psalm 20 RAISE HIS BANNER We are being told we are in a state of war with an unseen enemy. Fighting against an unseen enemy is impossible unless you trust in the unseen God. He has revealed Himself by several significant names to Old Testament saints to inspire us to trust in Him as they… Read more »

Daily Devotion – April 3rd

Habakkuk 3 FAITH THAT OVERCOMES THE WORLD Habakkuk no longer wrestles with God’s plans and instead embraces His purposes. His faith leads to triumph in life and provides important lessons we must learn if we are to experience triumphant faith. We must learn that the trials we face are not as much about us as… Read more »

Daily Devotion – April 2nd

Habakkuk 2:5-20 Worthy of Judgment! While Habakkuk wrestles with God’s chosen instrument of judgment, the Chaldean army, his faith is instructed that all parties are going to be judged. God details why the Chaldeans are worthy of judgment. There actions are representative of the those which will be judged in the Babylonian world system seen… Read more »

Daily Devotion – April 1st

Habakkuk 2:1-4 When Faith is Taught In chapter 1, Habakkuk’s faith is tested as he wrestles with God’s method of judging His people. In chapter 2, Habakkuk goes to school with God so that his faith can be taught. What lessons does he need to learn? What do we need to learn? First, we need… Read more »

Daily Devotion – March 30th

Habakkuk 1:1-5 Faith in Times of Crisis What do you do as a believer when you see a nation heading into the storm of God’s judgment? Without a doubt the physical, social, and economic devastation caused by the current virus spread is a form of judgment in some sense as America has turned her back… Read more »

Daily Devotion – March 31st

Habakkuk 1:6-17 When Faith is Tested No one likes the hickory stick or going to the woodshed. Younger generations may not understand those terms, but many know they refer to moments of discipline to correct rebellious behavior. God takes sin seriously and He instructed His people about the certainty of judgment for disobeying His commands…. Read more »

The Blessing of the Woodshed….

Job 5:17-18 We never are fond of the hickory stick. I know my sons aren’t. But we need those experiences in life. There is deep seated foolishness, bound in the heart, that must be eliminated. God’s desire is to bring forth the peaceful fruit of righteousness in its place. Choose to embrace the rod and… Read more »

If God is for us….

If God is for us…. Reading today in Joshua 1-5, we see that God fights the battles for believers who are in His will. The assurance of His presence enables one to be bold and courageous and certain of the outcome. The key is for the believer to know that he is on the Lord’s… Read more »

Knowledge is powerful.

2 Peter 1:3 – His divine power has given to us exceedingly great and precious promises that pertain to life and godliness. . . Knowledge is power is a modern day axiom that is thought to liberate mankind to a higher state. The enlightened modern mind however has welded that power to destroy the beauty… Read more »